Checking Your Newly Constructed House For Construction Defects

Checking Your Newly Constructed House For Construction Defects

In an ideal setting, you monitor the construction of your house as it is happening. However, this is not always possible. When the home is the responsibility of a developer and construction was not carried out properly, you might have to look for construction accident attorneys. A professional inspector can identify issues and then write a report for you so that you can discuss things with the builder and have leverage. If you want to identify some things alone, here are some things to check. 

The Home’s Exterior

If you moved in and you still did not check your home, you should do it as soon as possible. Take a notepad and a camera. Then, just start walking around. You have to analyze window sealing, doors, decks, patios, exterior surfaces, and concrete surfaces. These are usually the main focus. Also, look for cracks. If they are larger than a hair, especially at corners, you have a problem. 

Make sure to look for gaps present between windows, stucco, hose bibs, doors, ducts, electrical fixtures, and pipes. Such gaps often lead to water intrusion. Also, you have to check the roof. This can be more difficult and should not be attempted whenever there is any possible danger for you. Walking on the roof is not a good idea. For checking the roof, it is recommended to have an inspector do it. 

If you find cracks in garage floors, retaining walls, driveways, or sidewalks, it might be that the constructor did not properly prepare the soil. Also, it is possible that concrete structures ended up being improperly installed. 

The Home’s Interior

The interior of your home also has to be investigated. Start by looking for some water stains, especially around your doors and windows. Such stains should be particularly investigated when looking at exterior doors. 

Then, look at ceiling surfaces and interior walls. You are interested in looking for cracks. This might indicate the presence of structural framing problems or soil movements. 

When you see your doors sticking shut, it might be because they were not correctly installed. With kitchen or bathroom doors, moisture could lead to wood expanding, especially when bottoms and tops were not painted. 

You should also look for the presence of flooring issues. This includes widening cracks present between boards, uneven floorboards, cracked tiles, carpeting water stains, curling linoleum, and discolored linoleum. Such problems could lead to the presence of water infiltrating. And make sure you also look for the presence of water stains in the kitchen, especially during sinks. 

Ask For Help

If you notice any construction defect, the property inspector finds such defects, or you have the suspicion that the constructor did something wrong, it is time to look for a construction accident attorney. They are going to tell you if you have a claim against the contractor. Also, they are going to guide you through the entire legal process, all while you go on with your life as nothing happened. Constructors have responsibilities and attorneys make sure they are respected.