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The president of the United States of America thinks the country is systemically racist. The vice president of the United States believes a single of the best threats to the nation is domestic terrorism by white supremacists.

Perfectly, we have absolutely sure occur a lengthy way due to the fact 1776 when our Founding Fathers labored to build a single nation “where all adult men are designed equivalent.” Today, the two top leaders of the country, aided and abetted by an army of rabid, radical-still left disciples (aka Democratic Socialists/Progressives) are utilizing their favourite propaganda equipment (Black Life Make any difference, mainstream media, cowardly companies, and Large Tech’s social-media censors of speech) to promptly transform a country of independence-loving, hard-doing the job, unbiased-wondering citizens into a totalitarian morass the place all people, all steps, and all communications are considered and profiled by means of the prism of race.

Relatively than a single country, we are a region divided by tribes that use hyphens to indicate most important and secondary allegiances. Alternatively of “Americans,” we are now described by these types of color-coding groupings as African-People, Asian People, Hispanic Americans, Native Individuals, and decrease-situation white People.

Right now, “equality’ has been pushed aside to make way for the Marxist notion of fairness – which needs that individuals be judged by the shade of their pores and skin and personalized situations not the articles of their character (as was the aspiration of Martin Luther King, Jr.). In addition, essential race principle – which demonizes deceased and living Caucasians and their cultural contributions by pushing the bogus strategy that “white supremacy” is at the main of all societal ills – is getting drive-fed to our small children by an instructional process that has quietly submitted to its new function of indoctrination alternatively than schooling.

The absurdity of the phony narrative of systemic racism is likely most effective refuted by the actuality that, just 13 a long time back, “we, the people” elected a black man as president – and then did so again 4 yrs later on! The lie of systemic racism is also confirmed wrong by the legions of clever, hard-doing the job, supremely self-confident and capable blacks and other minorities who keep positions of significant power and influence in all regions of federal government, education, organization, health care, the army, the arts and entertainment, and so on.

Right now, the terribly rich corporation acknowledged as Black Lives Make any difference (BLM) has been provided an exalted and seemingly sacred place within just our culture by some people and groups, even with the truth that a person of its crucial leaders in New York proudly proclaimed that the use of violence to achieve wanted effects in appropriate. If BLM were any other group, it possibly would be labeled a domestic terrorist group.

Now, regulation enforcement has been so severely diminished, dismantled, demoralized and defunded that police officers can no more time do their employment for worry of being accused of brutality or racism by media-frenzied mobs of political activists and agitators – most of whom would favor a prime-time “photo op” instead than an off-screen conference to interact in meaningful dialogue that could enhance the occupation of policing.

Today, “hate” is no lengthier only a unfavorable emotion that can be utilised to ascribe motive to the commission of a criminal offense. It is now its own variety of criminal offense – one based on coloration, and one that requires federal intervention and a more serious punishment for the convicted offender.

Now, American conservatives of each and every color are vilified and silenced by panic of staying termed “racist” or “sell-outs” by socialist-leaning puppets who carry on to use the race card to income financially and politically. In truth, all those personal and teams that have profited and proceed to financial gain from the idea of the perpetual victimhood of blacks have been called out for lots of several years by courageous luminaries – starting up in 1911 with educator Booker T. Washington and continuing right now with writer Taleeb Starkes, civil legal rights legal professional Leo Turrell, political commentator Candace Owens, and most lately, U.S. Senator Tim Scott, of South Carolina.

Although the harsh realities of racism have haunted and continue on to haunt our land it is similarly correct that we have progressed drastically all through the earlier 100 a long time or a lot more towards the great of a “more best Union.” We are not a nation imbued with systemic racism. Ironically, by next the direct of the existing Biden/Harris administration, we are morphing promptly and dangerously into a country contaminated with systemic reverse-racism. As Senator Scott so brilliantly pointed out on a current Television set overall look: “Fighting bigotry with bigotry is hypocrisy.”

At some position, I trust that “we, the people” – of all hues, ethnicities, religions, genders (biologic or self-identified), sexual persuasions, and many others. – will be part of fingers and hearts and insist that equality, fairness, popular sense, and dignity/regard for just one a further be reinstated as the foundational concepts and values we use to support heal ourselves … and our country.

It is also time for individuals of us who are able to talk up without panic of staying fired from a task to do so. And it is time for those of us who embrace independence and civil liberties to stop consuming goods and solutions from firms that have taken a knee for the radical-left agenda. We can no for a longer time sit back again and go away unchallenged the outrageous lies, practices, packages and relentless propaganda of the radical-left elite – which, if remaining unchecked, will make sure the supreme destruction of a united nation the place all Americans have equivalent opportunity to everyday living, liberty and the pursuit of joy.

Rebecca Harmon

Mount Ethereal