Neighborhood Voices: Crucial ‘bait’ theory | Community Voices

Bowing the symbolic knee to “wokism” is the most progressive mandate in this hypersensitive and litigious cancel-tradition surroundings. Racially on its veneer, this is in the end about absolute electric power, course warfare and dominating manage.

Important race concept is a vintage illustration of this. Though showing academic in its unveiling of historical racial injustices with regards to the systemic and inherent character of not only folks and cultures, in actuality it is absolutely nothing far more than Marxism on steroids, soaked lavishly in the vacuous cauldron of identity politics, rapid tracked for political expediency, i.e., the bait and switch. The blind really don’t have to see, it is all about how they experience emotionally.

Why give in to this “bait” idea? There is this promised hope of historical, political, social and economic redemption, set aside from the evils of past wrongs, oversights and misappropriations. For occasion, with the revival of reparations, it has been proposed that financial ills of injustice will recover, and the lengthy sense of guilt for staying on the completely wrong aspect of racial bigotry will be forgiven, even however the elevation of color minimizes the intrinsic legitimate value of character.

Continue to our governing concepts persist and will continue being, for God created them. God is God, He so liked the world, He designed gentleman and lady equal, He intended the races, and established truth for us. Up is not down, fantastic is not evil, and appropriate is not completely wrong.

Our founding fathers did their finest in trying to capture these principles in our founding paperwork. Leaning into what the long run beliefs of this region would be, they risked it all.

“We maintain these truths to be self-obvious, that all males are produced equivalent, that they are endowed by their Creator with particular unalienable Legal rights, that between these are Lifetime, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” — The Declaration of Independence

Enter in the critical “bait” concept. Considering that it is unable to formulate and properly articulate with factual reality, it is crucial that it need to bait you into a principle that reeks with plausible deniability, which will be absent of historic integrity. It also incorporates the promise of a upcoming viability based mostly on race, gender and the supremacy ideological inclusion.

It is important that this bait is taken, for it will usher in incrementally the top societal experiment so that karmic harmonization may well be realized in long term power, continuous handle and a conforming course.

Stunning the conscience is vital and needed so that the psychological anesthesia for social justice healing will be realized.

Having the skin of the fact and embellishing it to the realm of obscurity, criminality and brutality is progressively satisfactory in a lifestyle in which anarchy is sanctioned, and lawfulness is scrutinized.

Justified reparations, emotionalized protests, politicized flags and feigned holidays are but some of the vehicles and venues that will have to be used to establish a additional dependable drive for the duration of political expediency. When independence of the flesh is optimized, liberty in lifetime will be terrorized, the rule of law have to be criminalized, those people foundational rules and our founding documents have to be minimized and sooner or later pulverized.

So in lieu of articulating a substantive argument with enthusiasm and zeal, we are left with graffiti-defaced community houses and profanity-laced diatribes, leaving people who are elected officials and the neighborhood at reduction for civility, get and public believe in.

It is significant we do not choose that bait. It is created to divide, dismay and ruin. We as a people, as a nation and as a region have to “push back” on this, and we will be much better off for it!

The Rev. Angelo Frazier is a pastor and a volunteer chaplain with the Bakersfield Police Section.