Valley News – Column: Weaponizing the Eucharist

The U.S. Convention of Catholic Bishops have hit a new minimal. In voting on June…

The U.S. Convention of Catholic Bishops have hit a new minimal. In voting on June 18 to draft a proposal that would deny the sacrament of Holy Communion to any Catholic politician who supports abortion legal rights, the bishops not only flouted the needs of Pope Francis, who warned them previous May possibly that these kinds of a go would politicize, divide and therefore weaken the church, the bishops also ditched a principle laid out by two of the greatest saints in the historical past of the Roman Catholic Church.

I know anything of this history since I was elevated a Catholic. I’m the ninth and last little one of a Boston-primarily based obstetrician who shipped far more than 8,000 infants in the course of his prolonged profession and who vehemently opposed the legalization of abortion all through his lifetime. I admired him greatly, and I know all far too nicely that I owe my extremely everyday living to my parents’ willingness to permit procreation operate its program, no make a difference how prolific.

But I also know that quite a few youthful women who develop into pregnant now have almost nothing remotely like the guidance furnished to my mom, who frequently acquired a few weeks of rest after every single delivery and who was able to dedicate her lifestyle to staying a mom and spouse. That is just just one motive why I do not believe that that all expecting women of all ages must be lawfully compelled to bear children.

A additional essential reason, as I mentioned in an before column (“A sin, a criminal offense,” Nov. 7, 2020), is that sin and crime are two diverse points. This stage was explicitly made by St. Augustine of Hippo in the late fourth century, and by St. Thomas Aquinas 9 generations afterwards.

Look at initial what Aquinas wrote about prostitution. He termed it a “sin dedicated right from human life” and for that reason a “mortal sin” binding the soul to religious dying. But guess what? He also considered civil authorities need to tolerate it. And to back up this position, he offers Augustine. “In human government,” Aquinas writes, “those who are in authority rightly tolerate sure evils, lest specified products be dropped, or particular evils be incurred: hence Augustine claims in De Ordine (On Order): ‘If you do absent with harlots, the earth will be convulsed with lust,’ ” (Summa Theologica 2-2.10.11).

Irrespective of whether or not American bishops would now accuse Aquinas of currently being “pro-prostitution,” he and Augustine the two distinguished involving sin and criminal offense, concerning divine regulation and human regulation. Considering the fact that human law aims not to encourage eternal salvation but to guarantee temporal order, it are unable to, suggests Aquinas, “forbid all vicious functions.”

Acquiring trashed this elementary difference involving sin and criminal offense, the bishops have set the American Catholic Church on the slipperiest slope conceivable. For the new basic principle obviously implied by their vote is that all Catholic politicians are morally obliged to criminalize all sins: to advocate for the criminalization of any act the church defines as sinful.

Look at, then, the U.S. Structure, which every single president must swear to uphold and protect. Do any of the bishops know that in granting all U.S. citizens the freedom to worship as they be sure to, the Initially Modification legalizes idolatry, which is expressly forbidden by the first of the 10 Commandments, as properly as Catholic doctrine? Beneath the bishops’ new principle, any president who swears to uphold and protect the Structure is pro-idolatry.

If that seems ridiculous, contemplate some other acts that the church considers sinful but are also properly lawful in the U.S., these kinds of as adultery and divorce (followed by remarriage whilst the primary spouse even now lives). Must any Catholic politician who tolerates these acts — who declines to advocate the criminalization of them — be barred from acquiring Holy Communion, or even be excommunicated?

It may possibly be argued that abortion differs from these other sins due to the fact the Catholic Church considers it murder. In the firm perception that “human lifestyle will have to be respected and shielded absolutely from the second of conception,” the church opposes any method that aims to ruin a zygote, blastocyst, embryo or fetus, all of which “must be acknowledged as obtaining the rights of a man or woman.” As opposed to Saints Jerome and Augustine, who still left God to decide just when a fertilized egg gained a soul, the church now presumes to know particularly when this occurs.

But if even the abortion of a zygote will have to be taken care of as murder in the eyes of the legislation, what do the bishops say about the killing of little ones — not zygotes or blastocysts — by American forces and their allies? Involving 2003 and 2011, the Iraq Human body Rely job estimates that U.S. coalition forces killed at the very least 1,201 small children in Iraq by yourself. And in accordance to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan concerning 2005 and 2015 killed amongst 172 and 207 children. Have the bishops at any time argued that we need to criminalize the killing of little ones in airstrikes or drone strikes, or that any Catholic politician who supports the legality of these strikes need to be denied Holy Communion or excommunicated? Not to my understanding.

And consider the tens of 1000’s of people today — men, women and small children — who die by firearms in this place just about every 12 months. (In 2019, the complete was 39,707, in accordance to the Facilities for Ailment Handle and Avoidance.) To their credit score, the bishops supported the assault weapons ban that was passed in 1994 but expired in 2004, and they have also endorsed qualifications checks and the regulation of handguns. But they have in no way threatened to deny Holy Communion or excommunicate any Catholic politician who supports the correct to have an assault weapon.

Yet, as Bishop Robert W. McElroy of San Diego — just one of their individual! — has claimed, they now strategy to “weaponize” the sacrament of Holy Communion, which Pope Francis has termed “not the reward of saints, but the bread of sinners.”

In re-enacting the Past Supper, wherein Christ shared with the apostles his entire body and blood in the kind of bread and wine, the Holy Eucharist is earlier mentioned all a communal sacrament, an outward signal of sharing in the mystical entire body by the community of the faithful. In threatening to deny this sacrament to Joe Biden, the most devout Roman Catholic who has at any time been elected president of the United States, the bishops are not only flouting the wishes of the pope but willfully provoking schism: A quarter of U.S. bishops oppose the majority’s go, and they involve Cardinal Wilton Gregory, archbishop of Washington, who has made it obvious that he will under no circumstances deny the Holy Eucharist to President Biden.

Behind the bishops’ newest move, even so, stands an alarming bit of heritage.

All through the presidential campaign of 2004, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver joined other bishops in asking Sen. John Kerry not to existing himself for Holy Communion for the reason that of his stance on abortion, and explained Catholics who voted for a candidate who supported abortion rights or embryonic stem mobile investigation, as Kerry did, would be “cooperating in evil.”

It did not subject that Kerry was the initially Roman Catholic to be nominated for the presidency by a main political occasion in 44 years, or that he was personally opposed to abortion. Since Kerry did not consider abortion should be recriminalized, the archbishop argued that voting for him was mortally sinful. But Chaput remaining the Communion rail broad open up to anybody who voted for candidates who supported the war in Iraq, torture, cash punishment, the prison neglect of the nation’s authentic requires and the political exploitation of the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church is now being exploited by the Republican suitable, whose main goal is to undermine Biden’s presidency. Nevertheless the church has now compensated almost $2 billion to settle sexual abuse promises that have bankrupted much more than 20 of its dioceses, it has excommunicated incredibly handful of of the 1000’s of accused pedophile priests or the church leaders who tried out to deal with up the abuse.

But now the U.S. Meeting of Catholic Bishops would like to deny Holy Communion to one of the most genuinely Christian presidents we have ever experienced — just due to the fact he does not imagine in criminalizing what the church phone calls a sin.

James Heffernan, of Hanover, is a professor emeritus of English at Dartmouth College or university and the author of Hospitality and Treachery in Western Literature.