West-Supplied Howitzers Are Breaking Down In Ukraine

Ukrainian troopers fireplace a U.S.-supplied M777 howitzer at Russian positions in the Donetsk area of Ukraine on June 21. Ukrainian soldiers are firing hundreds of shells day-to-day, forcing the U.S. to replace gun barrels across the border in Poland. | TYLER HICKS / THE NEW YORK TIMES 

DNYUZ/New York Moments: Artillery is breaking in Ukraine. It’s getting a difficulty for the Pentagon. 

WASHINGTON — Ukrainian troops fire countless numbers of explosive shells at Russian targets every working day, employing higher-tech cannons provided by the United States and its allies. But those people weapons are burning out soon after months of overuse, or being broken or wrecked in fight, and dozens have been taken off the battlefield for repairs, in accordance to U.S. and Ukrainian officers. 

A 3rd of the roughly 350 Western-built howitzers donated to Kyiv are out of motion at any provided time, in accordance to U.S. defense officials and many others familiar with Ukraine’s defense needs. 

 Swapping out a howitzer’s barrel, which can be 20 feet lengthy and weigh thousands of lbs, is over and above the functionality of soldiers in the field and has turn out to be a priority for the Pentagon’s European Command, which has established up a repair facility in Poland.


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WNU Editor: The New York Times admits that the services that can fix these howitzers are not out there in Ukraine. That they ought to be repaired outdoors in areas like Poland. But to ship these weapons the trains need to be made use of …. therefore Russia’s concentrating on of the electrical grid and crippling Ukraine’s teach community.

This war is generally being done by artillery. If Ukraine are unable to clear up this equipment failure, this war of attrition will at some point conclusion pretty terribly for Ukraine.

West-Supplied Howitzers Are Breaking Down In Ukraine


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